March 6, 2009



so it's 3 in the morning and I, in an attempt to put off sleep, have created this lovely blog.

I'm not quite sure why I decided to start a blog seeing as I have never done this before. ever.

Regardless, here I am!

I want to start with a story about me and my manic addiction/obsession with shoes.

Tonight I went to the mall on a mission after my sister brought home these AMAZING little eyelet leather booties for (and here's the greatest part) ... T-E-N D-O-L-L-A-R-S.

Now, you should know I am not a strong believer in or follower of God - but the moment the words "shoes" (and not just any shoes but seriously cute shoes!) and "ten dollars" were said in the same sentence I knew that there was some kind of higher power looking down on me, blessing me with a miracle.

Back to my story. I decided to check out the new store that I had given a passing glance while on my last top-secret--no-one-can-know-about-because-i-shouldn't-be-spending-money-on-shoes-right-now shopping trip.

I wanted to understand how one could purchase such a pair of shoes for such a price. I was intrigued by the mystery store that was apparently thisclose to simply giving away its products.

When I walked into the store I was blinded by huge black, red and neon yellow signs with the words shouting "50% Off All Sale Shoes". I remained calm. No need to get excited over something that most certainly had some kind of catch. I asked the salesgirl in a cool, calm and collected (yet slightly hopeful) voice: "is the sale an additional 50% off the last price?"

Yes, she replied.

Okay. My cool, calm and collected exterior was being attacked by my not so cool, calm and collected interior. My palms started sweating. My heart beat a little faster. I was so overwhelmed by the possibilities before me that I honestly did not know what to do. I looked up at the wall of shoes and immediately spotted a pair of black fringed platform sandals.

"canipleasehavetheseinan8and1/2?" I breathed to the salesgirl.

"we don't have 1/2 sizes in those ones"

"an 8 and a 9 then please?" slightly panicked at this point.

"sure, just let me run to the back"

When she brought back the shoes, I decided to start with the 9. Too big. Oh God. Okay, completely panicked at this point. I opened the box for the size 8 and slowly, delicately unwrapped them from the tissue.

"please fit. please fit. please fit. please fit."

Ladies and gentleman, in my first official post, may I present to you my newest addition to my ever-growing shoe collection:


please disregard the brutal photography. like i said - it's 3 in the morning.

so that's it for my first post. hoping it doesn't totally suck.

thanks for reading!