March 18, 2010

Blogger Happy 101 Award


The lovely Justine of elleflaneur recently gave me this blogger award which is totally cool seeing as I have never received one before. Apparently there are some rules go along with it: you have to name ten things that make you happy, so here goes!

1. blogging
2. fashion mags (i seriously have an addiction)
3. vanilla rooibos tea from starbucks
4. my ever-expanding collection of boyfriend blazers
5. spicy tuna sushi
6. my bf and my family ♥
7. collecting novels and other interesting books
8. chanel/ysl/stella (not necessarily in that order)
9. camping in the summer
10. receiving cool awards like this one!

I'm passing the award on to some other amazing bloggers:
annetdonahue, ahautemess, fashionnerdic, fashionchalet and posh'sdailystyle

Thanks Justine!

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