February 4, 2010

Whatchu Talkin' Bout Willis

I'm not usually a huge fan of Coach, mainly because everyone in my city owns the same typical letter C clutch/wallet/wristlet/side satchel/you name it, and it can get a little tired, not to mention overpriced. However, I recently came across the most perfect bag and I just had to post it.


This is the kind of bag you'll keep forever and it will look even better after its been worn in and roughed up a bit. It's not the most amazing bag in the world, but it has a certain charm that immediately caught my attention. I like all three colours but I think I would go for the classic tan. If I ever have an extra $298 in my pocket, this baby is mine. If I ever have an extra $894 kicking around, I'm going home with all three!


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  1. Things I enjoy:
    1) This blog.
    2) Potential prizes?
    3) Blue Menu hamburgers. (As I'm enjoying one now.)


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